The 'Trio Takeaway' dinner at home continues.

This is a safe & controlled way of offering a take-out or delivery option to you our guests during this difficult time.  We will have to restrict orders a mimimum 24 hours in advance, as the food is all prepared fresh daily. If interested, please complete the form below (at the bottom of our home page) and we will be in touch.

Trio Takeaway Dinner Option 

This is how it will work:

You will become an email recipient by providing your name, address (if delivery is required), phone number and email address.  This information will allow you to receive regular emails regarding our program and we will set up touchless payments.

We will be offering a multi-course prefixed menu weekly.  Chef Kyle and his team will prepare all the food for your chef-created dinner.  The menu will be emailed directly to you weekly.  Costs will vary based on the food choices for the week but will be in the range of $50-$65 per guest.  You all know the talent of this culinary team, so you know the food will be exceptional.  You will finish the food at home!  Food will be picked up or delivered with simple instructions for you to complete the meal at a convenient time for you, and you and your family will enjoy hot, fresh, delicious food the way you would expect from dining in at Trio. Preparation on your end will be straightforward and quick with most of the work already completed.  Chef Kyle will include the finishing instructions with the food! 

You would then indicate the date and time for delivery or pick-up, delivery or pick-ups would be scheduled from 4:30 PM through 6 PM PM, Thursday through Saturday. Orders would be placed a minimum of 24 hours in advance.  Our  menus will be available for your perusal each week for the following week.  Wine is also an option by the bottle.  Wine is available with each multi-course meal, just check our list.  Prices are plus $10 from the LCBO list, for Takeaway only.

"Safety first" is our focus here, as the culinary team can safely physically distance in our long cooking area, and we can schedule pick-ups in a safe and orderly manner.  Delivery would be from our service staff, thus minimizing risk.



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